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Bellingham, Washington

A place thought of more as a good hiking spot than a center for mystic activity. But the remnants of the mystic age are everywhere in the world, and Bellingham is no exception. Surrounded by acres of poorly explored forest and undeveloped islands, there are many secrets in the area that no native has uncovered.

Now a group of young people awaken to Magic, all nearly at the same time. The Wise know that there are no coincidences in such things. Are they called to power by the benevolent Oracles or the dread Exarchs? Perhaps some ancient Atlantean prophecy or spell guides their destiny.

Whatever the case, it will be some time before they even know they have a destiny, for they are caught up in their lives and have not yet learned to think in terms of ancient magics. They are newly Awakened, and everything magical seems fresh, wonderful… and without risk.

The Sundered Throne

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