Thorn's Biography

Shadow Name: Thorn
Real Name: Terry “Mad Dog” Moran
Assumed Name: Owen Ford

Irish ex-Mafia from Chicago, in the Witness Protection Program. Currently works as an Auto Mechanic in Bellingham.

Large and Muscular, with shoulder length feathered black hair and pale white skin. Jovial. But somewhat Foul Mouthed. He has a celtic knot and cross tatooed on his right shoulder. He mostly wears jeans or chinos and untucked button-up knit shirts or hawaiian shirts over a plain undershirt. He has a few suits in his closet from the old days, but they’re too rich for an auto mechanic, and he isn’t too keen on wearing a cheap suit.

Terry’s father and grandfather were both members of the Brady Boys, a powerful Irish Mafia in Chicago, and thus he became one as well. for years, He was a low level mook, working in chop shops, comitting petty crimes, running drugs and numbers games, and occassionally acting as a low level enforcer. Eventually, he was promoted to the Godfather’s personal bodyguard. Only a few weeks into it, he found himself in the middle of a conflict with a rival mafia. The Brady Boys were ruthless in protecting their turf, and the resulting Bloodbath, at a resturant downtown, made the Valentine’s Day Massacre look like child’s play. The blood of 20 victims plastered the walls of the dining room.

Terry, while certainly no angel, decided he’d had enough of the family business, and turned himself in to the police. His testimony helped convict 10 members of the Brady Boys, and put the Godfather on the defensive. For his own protection, he was placed in the witness protection program and sent to Bellingham, set up with a job as an Auto Mechanic using the skills he’d learned stealing, stripping, and tricking out cars on the streets of Chicago.

Terry, now known as Owen Ford, seems to genuinely want to reform on some level, and has tried his best to settle in to his new life. But he misses the fast cars, expensive suits, high quality booze, and cuban cigars, and all the other perks of being part of the family. And sometimes he just plain misses the thrill of the job. So far, he’s managed to deal with his boredom, and hasn’t slipped off to start committing crimes again.

He listens to Hard Rock and Punk music, mostly Celtic Punk. His favorite meal are Irish Stews and real Chicago style dogs (He is know to complain that he has yet to find a resturant that makes a good version of either), and he drinks plenty of dark ale and stouts. He’s Irish Catholic, but rarely steps foot inside a church.

Thorn's Biography

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